The Reunion committee asked for Do You Remember? questions....


When we got the student body class president to represent the women’s dress code for the City of Portland to be able to wear jeans to school for the first time?

The Football/Wrestling cheerleading team won Grant High Schools representation to the national cheerleader’s championship that year in 1973. Grant was honored as the dedicated City of Portland high school for its Sister City in Japan’s, Wrestling team sponsor.

When Dante Maddox and Oce Comb had a quick shootout in the parking lot. The only thing shot was the gym teacher’s windshield.

Robert Klonoff telling the “keep my eye out” joke at a Freshman assembly.

Seeing the school renamed as “Kennedy” in “Mr. Holland’s Opus”.

Can anyone remember the choreography to the Grant Fight Song as danced by the Gendrills dance team?

Do you remember when Mr. Rooney was on the Johnny Carson show? Think "horse meat".

Who was the only classmate old enough to vote in the 1972 Presidential election?

Who won the most unusual job at our 10 year reunion?

Remember when the class of 1973 was the last class for organized men's and women's clubs. - via
Alisa (Lisa) McGoldrick Roylance (Last Klix Klub President)

Bob Hazen ("
Hello, I'm Bob Hazen with the Benjamin Franklin") coming to lead a pep assembly? We thought it was going to be a disaster, but he was great. Hazen was a Grant cheerleader in the 1930's