The Reunion committee made a trivia sheet available that we could complete. Some classmates did and here are the interesting results.

What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you or you have done since high school?

Brett Still
While on a road trip, got drunk in Austin, TX, blacked out and woke up three days later in Casa Grande, Arizona, with a red head who played in a country band. Was blind for two days. But then, maybe that was not that unusual.

Alisa (Lisa) McGoldrick Roylance
"While on a family whale watching trip on a storming Depot Bay, Oregon, Oregon ocean with no life vests and 3 little children at the bow rail under my feet. I had rubber legs trying to walk the length of the Charter boat to get into the cabin with my knuckles turning white holding the railing. I was very scarred, and thought we lost the 4 yr old over the bow of the boat. I braved one other salmon fishing trip 5 years later on a clear day and no problems walking to get over my fear of the ocean sea in a charter boat from the first experience. I do not have any desire to return in that size of a boat on the ocean though."

Lynn Perkel Staley
"About 26 years ago a Gypsy Fortune Teller told me I would have 1 child and that child would be a lawyer. I had a good laugh. My only child will be entering her 3
rd year of law school this fall."

Donald Olson
Sailing in the Caribbean Sea; Trekking in Ecuador

Anna Jo Gender
I was a professional stage manager in the theatre for 25 years and now I am teaching 1
st grade in Portland.

Linda Sims Miller
My husband & I traveled around the country managing rock & roll bands for an entertainment company for 2 years

Shauna Frazier Perkins
It’s a tie. 1) I was on the laps of the “Thunder From Down Under” men (Australian Chippendales) on their Las Vegas stage as part of the show. 2) Announced the Grand Floral Parade from a tower.

Jane McCallum Buck
Visited Bangkok Thialand, Hong Kong, & China on a jewelry buying trip.

Paul Weber
Accepted into 2 law schools at 52 years old.

John Winters
Still married to the same woman and going strong.

Casey Crookham
Traveled to farms in North and South America in my work with a vegetable seed company. Otherwise just a dull sort of life – go to work, come home and sit in a recliner in front of the TV with a can of Planter’s mixed nuts.

Wyatt Helin
1) While camping around Banff
and Jasper (Canada, early 1990’s), got rained out of my tent, and sought refuge in an open picnic shelter. The only other people there were 2 (also wet) women from Winnipeg, Canada. About 20 minutes into the conversation, they asked me where I was from. One said, “Hmm, I know someone from Oregon. I think he was from Portland…” As it turns out, they rented their house in Winnipeg “to a guy named John Winters (a good friend of mine). One degree of separation, discovered in a Canadian camp – only because our tents didn’t keep us dry. 2) I was sitting in a Greyhound bus (’76 or ’77) looking out the window at the Mayflower replica in the Atlantic Ocean, just before I discovered that the woman in the seat in front of me was in the Grant orchestra at the same time I was in the Grant band. No degrees of separation.

Vicki Bolliger
We own 3 coffee shops – 2 in Ontario, 1 in Caldwell OR, named Jolts & Juice Company. We roast our own beans.

Steve Sause
Got a real job!

Ann Dalrymple
Married the nephew of Claude_Lévi-Strauss, 100 year old world renowned cultural anthropologist and author of several books, and stayed with his family at their 200 year old country manse in Lignerolles, in the Champagne region of France, twice for summer vacations (and I don’t speak French)

Tracie Marrs
Summer of 1984 had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. Most important I gave birth to my amazing & wonderful daughter Kelsie Anne. Three trips back East with our Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary Choir. We were in the Presidential Inaugural Parade 1989. Sang for Coretta Scott King at the M.L.K. Center in Atlanta Georgia. Our kids sang for the President in the Inauguration parade then once more in Portland honoring Police officers who have died.

Colin Stout
Joined the Peace Corps, lived in Alaska for 7 years on a float house with no running water or electricity

Donna Harris
Marring Colin after the 10
th reunion

Kathleen French
I traveled to 7 countries, went on a cruise to the Bahamas, went to Hawaii 6 times, and white water rafting, etc.

Jim Marqueling
Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have travelled from Tasmania, Australia to the arctic reaches of Finland and east to Moscow, Russia.

Amanda Middlebrooks
Taught English in Korea for 1 year.

Karla Nachtwey Gjertsen
I’m too normal, nothing unusual.

Denise Roser Brooks
Sorry…I have had (happily) a very ordinary life.

If, after reading this unusual experiences of our classmates, and you want to share yours, send and email and we will include it on the page